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(Software as a Service) is a novel concept wherein the vendor of the software doesn't just provide you with a software application for use; rather, the vendor has this application installed on an online server and helps you use its functionality remotely. This helps eliminate the need for disaster recovery planning at the client's end as there is no data on their computers to protect. Moreover, in our case, we also offer other services on our platform, which includes data entry, accounting, report generation, etc. so that all the committee members have to do is send us all the data and receipts, and we take care of the rest of them.
Here are some of the features about our solution in brief:

Here are some of the features about our solution in brief:


The software can be used for generating both regular as well as special event bills. Bill generation command can be manual or automatic. The software can also be programmed to automatically generate bills at predefined time and intervals. It can also keep track of late and early payments and accordingly levy penalties or offer discounts respectively.

The best part about moving your bill generation on our software is that once the account configuration is done and all the relevant data entered into the application, it can continue to manage the entire process automatically forever. This includes not only creating and sending bills to all members automatically, but also sending out payment reminder alerts to all the respective individuals as per the required frequency.



Our software can help keep track of all bills, payments, and transactions. Users/auditors can also access book of accounts, trial balance, balance sheet, outstanding list, and other information online. Furthermore, as the software has been created specifically for managing the accounts and all the other aspects of cooperative housing societies, all the required and relevant calculations are already inbuilt as per the latest norms mandated by law.

We also keep our services up-to-date with all the changes to the rules and regulations so you can rest assured that all the reports and bills that are generated are in perfect compliance at all times.

Even if you choose to hire independent accountants to create yearly records, our solution proves to be extremely helpful both to you as well as your accountant. All you have to do is export the relevant reports from the software, have them emailed to you or printed directly via a cloud printer, and send them to your accountant.


Online Reporting

Reporting is one of the key features required in a financial software and our solution is fully featured to generate a number of different types of reports, both ad hoc as well as periodic. The operation of this application is so easy and intuitive that you will be using it like a professional in no time.


Cloud Printing

This is a brand new concept where users do not actually need to have a computer in order to print documents. A cloud printer -- such as the one designed by HP -- is capable of receiving documents via the Internet. In other words, even if you're at home with a working Internet connection, you can print your documents through the cloud printer that may be located at the office miles away.


SMS alerts

The software can be used to send out SMS alerts to members about all the notifications indicating routine payment alerts, outstanding payments, and the penalties that will be levied upon late payment of bill.



Emails are the cornerstone of the digital age, and our cloud-based software solution utilizes them to their maximum potential. Be it bills, reports, notifications, invites, or any other announcement, our tightly integrated platform is capable of using email in order to keep everyone involved updated at all times.


Mobile / PDA Access

The software allows mobile and PDA users to access its interface and perform all the functions they normally would on a computer. If the users, have a cloud printer, they can even use their mobile phones to print documents on that printer. In fact, our solution is the first, and probably the only solution all over India that allows such functionality.



Our web-based software has multi-lingual options in order to ensure that it speaks your language rather than it being the other way around.
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