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Our solution has a number of benefits both due to the technology we have used in designing it and the kind of people who have mentored us along the way in order to ensure that our solution is the perfect answer for all co-operative housing societies regardless of where they are all over India. We have employed software developers as well as Chartered Accountants to work on the solution together so that we are able to create a software that is not only technically sound and stable, but also rich and intuitive in terms of its features and functionality.

This application aimed at benefiting the society as a whole, and at the same time, each of its members individually. To give you an idea, here's a brief overview of the kind of benefits our application has:

Benefit to Society

Our application has been created keeping in mind all the needs of a housing society, and that has helped us create the perfect solution in this domain -- something that never existed ever before. Our solution is so flexible that it doesn't even require a computer to work. If you have a mobile phone that can be connected to the Internet, our solution will work for you.

If you do have a computer, our solution is completely independent of the operating system or software you use and can be accessed as long as you have any web browser and a working Internet connection.

In other words, no more worrying about data corruption -- because we don't store any data on your computer's hard disk -- due to viruses that kids inevitably bring along when they unscrupulously use infected pen drives or any other reasons that can cause your computer to go bust.


Benefit to Committee

Committee members can automate all the operations of the society's maintenance using our system. They can create individual user accounts with varying levels of access rights so that each person can perform only their particular duties while online.

Committee members can use the software to create all kinds of reports -- both ad hoc and periodic -- input all transactions for their society, and automate all kinds of reminders and notification so that every single member can always be kept in the loop with all the developments in the society.


Benefit to Members

Members can access the software in order to see a record of their payments and download their statement of accounts whenever they wish. Members can also raise trouble tickets about anything that they think isn't right, and the software automatically informs the relevant committee members about it.


Benefit to Accountants and GCA

Chartered Accountants are usually the ones most highly involved with managing the accounts of societies, individuals, and corporations, and our solution ensures that these professionals are provided with the perfect platform to automate, manage, and maintain multiple accounts for each of the societies they deal with.

Government Certified Auditors (GCA) are authorized by the Government of Maharashtra specifically to perform the audits of cooperative housing societies. Our solution has dedicated modules for GCAs in order to make their jobs of maintaining and auditing multiple society accounts in one place extremely easy.

In other words, if you're not a member of a particular housing society but have several of those as your customers, you can become a subscribed member on our platform and take care of all your work without ever having to deal with a desktop application and all the hassles that come with it. What we offer to a CA and GCA is a lot more than just a cloud-based application. We offer a complete solution that is intelligently designed to specifically cater to your requirements so that you're able to eliminate all the manual work. All you have to do is have someone enter your data on our platform -- or hire us to do it for you -- and our software will take care of everything else.


Benefit to Environment

Our software-as-a-service solution minimizes the need for paperwork as every record you ever produce stays in its electronic form on our cloud servers. Therefore, we are able to drastically cut down on the amount of paper would have otherwise needed to keep track of everything.

Not only does this reduce the amount of manpower required to manage all that paperwork, but also helps you do your bit towards reducing the burden on our forests -- and consequently, our environment -- by using less and less paper.

In other words, when you use our solution, not only you are doing things the smart way, but also the "green" way. Please join us to save “Green Environment”.
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