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Who we are

“We sow seeds. We grow plants. We care trees, so our society could reap their fruits continuously”

Cloud Computing TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd. is registered in Mumbai ROC on 30th September, 2010 to provide services to cooperative housing society for their Billing, Account and Audit via Software-As-A-Service (S-a-a-S) module deployed on cloud platform. We conducted research study in this segment and found it to be under-serviced in the IT domain.

We are a group of committed and dedicated civil society people came together based on cooperation to serve housing societies.


What we do

We closely work with housing societies to set up their Billing, Accounting & Auditing system to overcome their complicated administrative problems and also help office bearer to make big decisions affecting revenue management, general administration and legal guidelines to maintain peaceful environment in society premises.

We offer our web based software application to housing societies where data will be protected for next 10 years even if you discontinue the services.

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